2 Year Old Boy Dragged Into Lake By Alligator In Disney Resort, Officials Declare Him Dead

In another Florida tragedy within on week’s time, A Nebraska 2-year old boy is feared to be dead after a vicious alligator attack at the water’s edge at a Disney resort.

Not only did this happen in Florida, but also in Orlando, the same city where a Muslim ISIS gunman killed 49 just the other day. Authorities are now saying that after the child was snatched early this morning. Disney has since closed all of it’s beaches and 4 other captured alligators have been euthanized, but not sign of the child yet.

Here’s all we know so far on this developing story.

Even as authorities were scouring the Seven Seas Lagoon at Disney World’s The Grand Floridian Resort & Spa Wednesday morning, hope began to fade. By the afternoon, Demings said emergency crews were working on “recovering the body.”

Five alligators had already been caught in the lagoon and euthanized Wednesday afternoon, but no evidence had been found indicating any of those reptiles were responsible for attacking the boy, a Florida Fish and Wildlife official said.

Orlando authorities directing the frantic search for a 2-year-old boy snatched Tuesday night by an alligator on the grounds of a Disney resort now say “there is no question” the child is dead.

The toddler was playing at the edge of the shoreline of the lagoon when the alligator came up and snatched the boy, Williamson said. The boy’s family is from Nebraska and the parents were on vacation with their two children at the resort when the alligator attacked, Demings said.

“There were eyewitnesses here who certainly saw the child taken under the water,” Demings said.

This is so sad just a few days after the night club Massacre. Orlando, keep your spirits up, we’re with you and things can only get better.

(Source: Fox News)