1 Day After NYC Terror, Rush Limbaugh Has Perfect Explanation

In the wake of the terror attack in NYC that took the lives of 8 innocent bystanders, the nation’s attention is once again back on the enduring issue of Islamic radicalism. It’s an ideology that has far too many adherents in the Muslim community, yet the Left continues to insist that there’s no cause for alarm. They continually come to the defense of Islam after attacks like these, jumping on the #NotAllMuslims bandwagon without a shred of self-awareness that they routinely condemn all of Christianity when one of its followers does wrong.

But despite their best efforts to propagandize and manipulate the public’s perception of Islam, people with a shred of common sense understand that we have a serious problem when it comes to immigration and assimilation.

Talking about the issue on his radio show, the conservative king of radio, Rush Limbaugh gave his take on the attack and what it means for the country.

Rush explained during today’s broadcast that it’s his belief that America doesn’t have a diversity problem, but instead, one of assimilation. As the people supposedly coming here to make a new life because it provides better opportunities than their homeland are refusing to adapt to their new home, instead of maintaining the beliefs and values they that supposedly made them flee to the US in the first place.

RUSH: “Diversity is not a problem. We are the most diverse country on the planet, folks. We do not have a diversity problem here. What has happened is that a policy that’s rooted in cockamamie political correctness has become a vehicle for terrorism. Diversity is not a problem in our country. Yet what do we have? We have a Diversity Visa Lottery Program. America doesn’t have a diversity problem. You know what our problem is?

The problem we have is an assimilation problem, not a diversity problem. We have a vetting problem, not a systematic bigotry problem. But here’s the American left: “America is inherently not good! America is originally flawed. America is unfair, discriminatory, and mean. America is punitive. America has systematic racism! America has systematic bigotry,” says the left, says the media, says the Democrat Party, “and, as such, we need diversity outreach programs.

So the left concocts relationships with people all over the world who do not like the United States. That’s the commonality. That’s where common ground exists. What does the left have in common with militant Islam? Problems with America. What does the left have in common with any other nation, communist nations that don’t like America? A shared belief system that America is the problem in the world. So, in their eyes, we have systematic bigotry, and the only fix for this is “diversity,” a hand out to people that otherwise would be unwelcome in the United States because of our bigotry and our own supremacy.

So instead of a merit-based system that seeks out the best and brightest to advance the American ideal as founded to advance the greatness of American culture, we have a feel-good, politically correct program seeking people who have no intention or motivation to assimilate into American culture. In fact, this program reaches out to people who do not wish to be Americans. Don’t ask me to explain the logic of it, because there isn’t any. The Diversity Visa Program reaches out to people who have a problem with American culture and welcomes them in, gives them an advantage in getting in.

No other country, that I know of, actively seeks to weaken its culture. I don’t know of a single other country on earth that has policies that are designed to dilute and water down its culture and its greatness. But we do, and these policies and beliefs are found in the foundations of the American left and the Democrat Party — and now the American media — between open borders and a government-led aversion to assimilation. That’s right! Our own government works to thwart assimilation. America as founded is not sustainable under these circumstances, folks.”

Rush’s analysis is spot on. No nation in human history has done more to dilute its native population at its own expense than the US. The left goes on and on about diversity and how we need more more more, but no nation on earth compares to America when it comes to the vast array and large numbers of ethnicities, religions, and nationalities that live here.

No matter what leftists say, diversity isn’t a problem, at least, not in the way they think it is. If anything, we have far too many people here that care nothing about our values or culture, and as Rush says, refuse to assimilate. If the assimilation problem isn’t dealt with soon, the America and values we’ve known for so long will fall by the wayside.

Source: Rush Limbaugh